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Jobs And Cuts: Rudd’s Pitch At ALP Election Campaign Launch

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has officially launched the ALP’s election campaign in Brisbane, pitching jobs and training policies whilst warning against budget cuts from Tony Abbott.

Rudd attempted to swing the government’s re-election campaign back to the party’s policy strengths of jobs, training and education. He proposed new measures which would see the federal government take control of TAFE funding. He offered an upfront tax deduction for small business equipment purchases.


Rudd also warned repeatedly of the dangers of an Abbott government and the cuts it would bring to government services. [Read more…]

Kevin Rudd’s Final Press Conference As Prime Minister

Following his loss of the ALP leadership at a Caucus meeting on June 24, 2010, Kevin Rudd held his final press conference as Prime Minister.


Rudd delivered a tearful statement recounting the achievements of his government. He did not take questions.

  • Listen to Rudd’s statement (20m)
  • Watch Rudd’s statement (20m)
  • Transcript of Kevin Rudd’s final press conference as Prime Minister – June 24, 2010.

    I was elected by the Australian people as Prime Minister of this country to bring back a fair go for all Australians and I have given my absolute best to do that, I’ve given it my absolute all. In that spirit I am proud of the achievements that we have delivered to make this country fairer. [Read more…]

    Kevin Rudd Discusses His Wife’s Business Interests

    Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd has held a press conference to deal with questions arising out of his wife’ business interests.

    Therese Rein heads a company called Ingeus, which provides employment services in Australia and abroad. The company has contracts with the Australian government. [Read more…]