Queensland Government Delivers $188 Million Surplus In State Budget

The Queensland Treasurer, Tim Nicholls, has delivered a State Budget with a projected surplus of $188 million, the first surplus in a decade.

NichollsNicholls said surpluses were also predicted in each year of the forward estimates. “No longer will Queensland have to go cap in hand to financiers meekly asking for loans,” Nicholls said. “We will have stopped the long descent into debt that Labor charted with its locked in deficits of the last half dozen years.”

Government expenses will grow by 2.2% in the current financial year, following growth of 0.2% in 2012-13.

Nicholls said: “The Budget I present today is not one of flashy new announcements and programs. It is not a Budget of big headlines or irresponsible spending sprees. It is a Budget that is right for the times.” [Read more…]

State Treasurers Not Impressed After Meeting With Swan

Liberal State Treasurers were in Canberra today to meet with Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan, ahead of the Council of Australian Governments meeting.

State Treasurers Mike Baird (NSW), Kim Wells (Vic), Christian Porter (WA) and Tim Nicholls (Qld) commented on their meeting with Swan.

  • Listen to the Treasurers before their meeting:
  • And after their meeting:
  • And Treasurer Wayne Swan’s perspective: