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Clinton Impeachment: Statement By Senator Tom Harkin

The following is a statement from the Senate’s closed deliberations on the Articles of Impeachment against President Clinton, excerpts of which senators were allowed to publish in the Congressional Record for Friday, February 12, 1999.

Senator Tom Darkin was a Democratic senator from Iowa. He served from 1985 until 2015.

Statement by Senator Tom Harkin (Democrat – Iowa)

A few weeks ago, I used a barnyard term that is quite known in Iowa to describe what I thought of this case. The longer this case has gone on, the more I am convinced this characterization is correct.

This case should never have been brought before the Senate. I think it is one of the most blatant partisan actions taken by the House of Representatives since Andrew Johnson’s case was pushed through by the radical Republicans of his time.
Malcolm Farnsworth
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