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Hockey Appoints Dumped Liberal MP To Foreign Investment Review Board

In a late Friday, pre-Christmas, announcement, Treasurer Joe Hockey has appointed a deselected Liberal MP, Patrick Secker, to the Foreign Investment Review Board.

SeckerThe appointment is part-time for five years.

In his announcement, Hockey said: “Mr Secker has extensive experience in agriculture and agribusiness over a number of decades. His appointment to the Foreign Investment Review Board fulfils a commitment by the Government to expand this area of the Board’s expertise.”

Secker was the Liberal member for Barker in South Australia for 15 years from 1998. He left the Parliament at this year’s election, having lost preselection to Mount Gambier lawyer Tony Pasin in March 2012. In a plebiscite of 282 party members, Secker won just 78 votes to Pasin’s 164, with a third candidate polling 40 votes. [Read more…]

Tony Pasin (Lib – Barker) – First Speech

Tony Pasin was first elected as the Liberal member for Barker at the 2013 federal election.

Pasin, 36, is a lawyer. He was born in Mt Gambier and served on the Mt Gambier City Council between 2003-10.

  • Listen to Pasin’s maiden speech (20m)
  • Watch Pasin (20m)

Hansard transcript of Tony Pasin’s maiden speech to the House of Representatives.

Mr PASIN (Barker) (09:02): Madam Speaker, in addressing this place for the first time, I add my voice to the chorus of congratulations on your election to the speakership. I am proud to have voted to elect you as the first conservative female Speaker—based on your merits and achievements, as all appointments should be. I am certain that in the discharge of your duties you will act with fairness and decorum, and ensure that my colleagues and I maintain our respect for this place and each other. [Read more…]