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Mark Latham Calls On ALP To Muscle Up; Attacks Staley; Abbott, Costello Respond

ALP frontbencher Mark Latham has called on the ALP to “muscle up” to the Howard government.

Latham said the Howard government had not just abandoned liberalism but conservatism as well. It engaged in “wedge politics” and “the politics of muck-raking”.

Latham referred to attacks by Senator Bill Heffernan on Justice Michael Kirby. He referred to the former Liberal MP Tony Staley as a “deformed character”.

Latham’s remarks provoked responses from Tony Abbott and Peter Costello. [Read more…]

John Howard’s 1996 Federal Election Policy Speech

Opposition Leader John Howard delivered his policy speech for the 1996 Federal Election in Sydney on February 18, 1996.

  • Listen to Liberal Party President Tony Staley (8m)
  • Listen to Shadow Treasurer Peter Costello introduce Howard (4m)
  • Listen to Opposition Leader John Howard’s policy speech (41m)

Text of John Howard’s 1996 Federal Election policy speech.

It is with an immense amount of personal pride and also an enormous amount of humility that I bring together today the essential argument as to why, after 13 long and difficult years, this nation of ours needs emphatically a change of government. [Read more…]