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A Message From The Treasurer

The first Budget of the Abbott government is due to be delivered at 7.30pm tomorrow.

The Treasurer, Joe Hockey, released this video message today.

  • Watch Hockey (38s)

Treasurer And Reserve Bank Issue Statement On Monetary Policy

The Treasurer, Joe Hockey, has issued a joint statement with the Reserve Bank of Australia on monetary policy.

AustraliaHockey said the statement “records our agreed understanding of Australia’s monetary and central banking policy framework.” It reiterates the core place of monetary policy, the importance of the inflation target and the government’s commitment to the independence of the bank.

According to Hockey, the statement recognises “for the first time that the financial strength of the Reserve Bank is important for the credibility of its monetary and banking policy operations, and outlines the Treasurer’s role in ensuring the maintenance of a strong Reserve Bank balance sheet”.

Statement from the Treasurer, Joe Hockey.

Today I am releasing, with the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, a joint Statement on the Conduct of Monetary Policy (the Statement).

The Statement records our agreed understanding of Australia’s monetary and central banking policy framework.

The Statement recognises that monetary policy is one of Australia’s core macroeconomic policy tools and its effective conduct is critical to our economic performance and prospects. [Read more…]

Treasurer Wayne Swan Comments On Inflation Figures

The Treasurer, Wayne Swan, has held his first press conference for the year, discussing a range of issues, including the inflation figures published today.

Swan also took questions on the report from the International Monetary Fund, the proposed emissions trading scheme, the Henry Tax Review, and mortgage interest rates. [Read more…]