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Trent Zimmerman (Lib-North Sydney) – Maiden Speech

The is the first speech to the House of Representatives of the Liberal member for North Sydney, Trent Zimmerman.


Zimmerman, 47, was elected at a by-election on December 5, 2015. He replaced the former Treasurer, Joe Hockey, who had represented the seat since 1996.

Zimmerman was previously Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Transport Policy with the Tourism and Transport Forum of Australia.

He is a vice-president and acting-President of the Liberal Party’s NSW Division, aligned with the party’s moderate faction.

Hansard transcript of maiden speech by Trent Zimmerman.

The SPEAKER: Before I call the honourable member for North Sydney, I remind the House that this is the honourable member’s first speech and I ask the House to extend to him the usual courtesies.


Mr ZIMMERMAN (North Sydney) (12:28): Mr Speaker, it is a humbling experience to rise in this place for the first time as the representative of the people of North Sydney. I do so knowing it is an extraordinary privilege to be given the trust of your community to serve in the Australian parliament. I will return that faith by playing my part in building a more prosperous, fairer and sustainable Australia.
Malcolm Farnsworth
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