John Howard’s Formula For Winning Elections

John Howard has been elected Chairman of the International Democratic Union at its meeting in Washington DC. Delivering the keynote speech, Howard outlined his approach to winning elections, such as exploiting the diminishing ‘tribalisation’ of politics by reaching out to new constituencies.

HowardArguing that it was essential to establish ‘brand identification’, Howard stressed the importance of the role played by talkback radio – the ‘iron lung of Opposition’ – in allowing political leaders to promote their message to younger ‘aspirational’ voters who are less committed to traditional political parties than ever before. He said that these young voters were more conservative and more ‘material’ in their approach to life.

Whilst maintaining that economic management remained an important determinant of electoral behaviour, Howard argued that he had been assisted by an Opposition that failed to ‘define’ itself to the public. In a society with many competing media messages, Howard said it was vital to convey a ‘simple essence’ to the electorate. [Read more…]