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Unemployment Rate Increases 0.1% To 5.4%

Australia’s unemployment rate increased by 0.1% to 5.4% in December.

There was a small fall in full-time employment, offset by increased part-time employment. The participation rate was steady at 65.1%.

Employment Participation Minister Kate Ellis and Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey both commented on the figures. [Read more…]

Unemployment Rate Falls To 5.2%

Australia’s unemployment rate decreased by 0.1 percentage points in November and now sits at 5.2%.

Increased part-time employment, particularly amongst female workers, and a small drop in the number of people in full-time employment contributed to the overall decrease.

The seasonally adjusted labour force participation rate dropped 0.1% to 65.1%.

Text of media release from the Australian Bureau of Statistics

Australia’s unemployment rate decreased 0.1 percentage points to 5.2 per cent in November 2012

Australia’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate decreased 0.1 percentage point to 5.2 per cent in November, as announced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) today. [Read more…]

Unemployment Falls To 6.7%; Lowest Figure Since June 1990

Seasonally adjusted unemployment figures released today show that the jobless rate is the lowest in nearly 10 years, although the participation rate has also declined.

Unemployment in Australia was 6.7%, the lowest figure since June 1990. New South Wales recorded the lowest State figure of 5.6%, whilst Tasmania continued to record the highest with 9.9%.

The Australian labour force now consists of 9,514,000 people according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. [Read more…]

ALP 1980 Federal Election Advertisement: Mick Young On Jobs And Unemployment

This is an ALP election advertisement telecast on the ABC during the 1980 federal election.

The broadcast was one of the free spots made available by law to the major political parties. It went to air on September 23, 1980.

The advertisement features Mick Young, the ALP’s member for Port Adelaide. Young was a former National Secretary of the party who was a key figure in Gough Whitlam’s campaigns. He went on to become Special Minister of State and then Minister for Immigration in the Hawke government. He retired from politics in 1988 and died in 1996.

  • Watch the ALP advertisement (7m)