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Clinton Impeachment Trial: Vernon Jordan’s Deposition

These are excerpts of Vernon E. Jordan Jr.’s February 2 Senate trial deposition, which were released by Congress.

Vernon Jordan Deposition.

SENATOR THOMPSON: All right. If there are no further questions from the parties or counsel for the witness, I’ll now swear in the witness. Mr. Jordan, will you please raise your right hand?

Do you, Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., swear that the evidence you shall give in this case now pending between the United States and William Jefferson Clinton, President of the United States, shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you, God?

THE WITNESS: I do. [Read more…]

U.S. Senate Votes To Continue Clinton Impeachment Trial, Call Witnesses

In a largely partisan vote, the United States Senate has voted not to dismiss the charges in the Impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton.

LottBy 56 votes to 44, with only one Democrat, Wisconsin’s Senator Russell Feingold, voting with the Republicans, the Senate opted to continue the trial and to subpoena witnesses.

Agreement has not yet been reached, but it is expected that the Republicans will depose three witnesses: Monica Lewinsky, Vernon Jordan and Sidney Blumenthal.

The depositions of the three witnesses would begin as early as Thursday and would be videotaped. Each deposition would last six hours, equally divided between the White House and House prosecutors with two senators sitting in as mediators. [Read more…]

Vernon Jordan’s Statement on the Lewinsky Matter

This is the text of Vernon Jordan’s statement to the media about Monica Lewinsky.

Jordan said he provided assistance to Lewinsky in finding employment, referring her for interviews at a number of companies.

Jordan said he also recommended a lawyer to Lewinsky.

Vernon Jordan statement on Monica Lewinsky.

May I have your attention. My name is Vernon Jordan. I, first of all, want to thank you for coming, and, secondly, I want to say that I’m going to read a statement. And after I shall have read my statement, I will not take questions. I’m going to leave and go back to work.

I did two things for Ms. Monica Lewinsky. I assisted her in trying to find employment in the private sector in New York City. I referred her for interviews at American Express, and at Revlon where I am privileged to serve as a director. I also referred her to Young & Rubicam, a New York advertising agency. [Read more…]