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William Weld Proposes Five-Point Alternative To Impeachment

The former Republican Governor of Massachusetts, William Weld, proposed a five-point alternative to impeachment when he appeared before the House Judiciary Committee.

Text of testimony by former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld before the House Judiciary Committee, as transcribed by the Federal Document Clearing House.

Mr. Chairman, Mr. Ranking Member, members of the committee, my name is William Weld, and I’m sincerely honored to appear before you this morning.

I’m no Tom Sullivan, but I have knocked around the criminal justice world a little bit. From 1986 to 1988 under President Reagan, I was the assistant attorney general in charge of the criminal division in Washington, which is relevant because that’s the policy or political appointment charged with ensuring the uniformity of charging decisions, decisions whether to seek an indictment around the country in various districts.
Malcolm Farnsworth
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