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TIME Magazine Wrong In Not Naming Churchill

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The choice of Einstein as TIME’s Person of the Century, whilst understandable, is an error of judgement to many students of twentieth century history.

The person who most clearly affected the way the Western world lives today was Winston Churchill.

The Weekly Standard, in its latest edition, presents a compelling case for Churchill, arguing against the choice of Roosevelt, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin or Mao.

A new book by John Lukas, “Five Days In London – May 1940”, available here from Amazon Books, argues that in the weeks after becoming Prime Minister Churchill prevailed upon the War Cabinet to continue the fight against Hitler and, in so doing, earned his place as the greatest democratic statesman of the century.

Sir Winston Churchill’s Funeral: Eulogy By Sir Robert Menzies

This is the full text of Australian Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies’s eulogy for Sir Winston Churchill.

Churchill died on January 24, 1965, at the age of 90. His funeral was held on January 30, 1965.

Menzies delivered the eulogy from the crypt of St. Paul’s.

Eulogy by Sir Robert Menzies on the death of Sir Winston Churchill.


As this historic procession goes through the streets of London to the Tower Pier, I have the honour of speaking to you from the crypt of St Paul’s Cathedral. I do this in two capacities. One is that I, Prime Minister of Australia, happen to be, in point of time, the senior Commonwealth Prime Minister, and therefore speak on behalf of a remarkable world organization which owes more that it can ever express to our departed leader, Sir Winston Churchill. He is one of the famous men whom we thank and praise.

UK Labour Party Manifesto – 1945 General Election

This is the full text of the British Labour Party’s Election Manifesto for the 1945 General Election.

The election was held on July 5, 1945, just two months after the end of the war in Europe. Led by Clement Atlee, the Labour Party unexpectedly defeated the Conservative Party led by Winston Churchill. Labour won 393 seats to the Conservatives 197. Atlee won a second election in 1950 but was defeated in 1951.

Clement Atlee, Labour Party Leader

Labour Party Manifesto for the 1945 British General Election.

1945 Labour Manifesto

A Declaration of Labour Policy for the Consideration of the Nation


Victory is assured for us and our allies in the European war. The war in the East goes the same way. The British Labour Party is firmly resolved that Japanese barbarism shall be defeated just as decisively as Nazi aggression and tyranny. The people will have won both struggles. The gallant men and women in the Fighting Services, in the Merchant Navy, Home Guard and Civil Defence, in the factories and in the bombed areas – they deserve and must be assured a happier future than faced so many of them after the last war. Labour regards their welfare as a sacred trust.
Malcolm Farnsworth
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