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Abbott Proposes Welfare Crackdown

The Federal Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, has attacked the Gillard government’s handling of the economy, and announced a policy to extend the Work for the Dole program.

Abbott proposes that Work for the Dole become mandatory for people under 50 who have been receiving unemployment benefits for more than six months. The policy also proposes quarantining to the necessities of life half the welfare income of all long-term unemployed people, and creating a new benefit for people whose disabilities can readily be treated.

The welfare crackdown will also involve suspending the payment of young people’s unemployment benefits in places where there are unfilled, unskilled jobs. [Read more…]

Tony Abbott: The Moral Case For The Howard Government

The Minister for Health, Tony Abbott, has delivered a speech to Young Liberals defending the Howard government on moral grounds.

Abbott claimed: “There is a moral case to be made for the policies of the Howard Government such as Work for the Dole, the war in Iraq, the mandatory detention of illegal boat people along with much else which is supposed to indicate its heartlessness. But it’s a much harder and more complex argument than that which holds that the proper role of government is to play the Good Samaritan on an epic scale.” [Read more…]

1998 Federal Election: Liberal Party Advertisements

This is a selection of Liberal Party advertisements broadcast during the 1998 federal election.

They include radio advertisements and the audio soundtrack of television advertisements. [Read more…]