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Muslim Summit Meets In Canberra

A meeting of Islamic Leaders has been held in Canberra today. The summit was called by the Prime Minister, John Howard, in the wake of the London bombings. This is the transcript of remarks to the summit by the Prime Minister, John Howard, the President of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, Dr Ameer Ali, and the representative of the Member Council for Multicultural Australia, Mr Yasser Soliman. PRIME MINISTER: Well ladies and gentleman I would like to welcome all of you here for this very important meeting. I greet you of course as my fellow Australians, and this is a meeting of Australians to try and address an issue which if we can address it effectively, can be of enormous benefit to the future of our country. There is a terrorist challenge around the world; Australia is not immune from that, any Australian who imagines that we can escape…
Malcolm Farnsworth
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