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Australia’s Defence Well Prepared, But ALP Would Make Us Vulnerable: Hill

This is the text of the speech delivered by the Minister for Defence, Senator Robert Hill, to the 2004 Federal and Queensland Convention of the Young Liberal Movement, in Surfers Paradise.

Transcript of speech by Senator Robert Hill.

HillGood morning.

The Liberal Party has long distinguished itself from Labor and the other political parties by its cool-headed appreciation of the importance of national security. In contrast to Labor, the Liberal Party is not divided on ideological grounds. We will put Australia’s interests first but will not turn out back on friends and allies. We will tackle problems head on rather then hope for the best. Providing national security is the first priority of government. To do this we need to understand the security environment that we inhabit. [Read more…]

Reform With A Social Conscience: Tony Abbott Speech To Young Liberals

This is the text of the keynote speech given by the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Tony Abbott, to the Young Liberals Annual Conference in Adelaide.

Transcript of speech by Tony Abbott to the Young Liberals Annual Conference.

AbbottThe Bali atrocity, the threat of terror, and the possibility of war in Iraq have cast a pall over the past year despite the stellar performance of the Australian economy, a largely successful war in Afghanistan, the cessation of unauthorised boat arrivals and, for Coalition supporters, the remarkable political ascendancy of the Howard Government. The big issues of 2003, like 2002, are likely to revolve around national security: possible terrorist strikes; Australia’s military alliance with America and Britain; relations with our Muslim neighbours; and maintaining the right balance between national unity and cultural diversity. Preserving national security is the first and most important duty of any government but it’s not the only one and democratic governments run the risk, like Churchill in 1945 and Bush (senior) in 1992 of winning wars but losing elections. [Read more…]