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  • Feb 07, 2007: Education Minister Calls Higher Standards In Schools – The Education Minister, Julie Bishop, has attacked education standards in Australia, calling for performance-based pay for teachers and improved standards of literacy. Quoting Margaret Thatcher, Bishop argued that increased funding over recent decades had not led to increased standards. She reiterated the federal government’s policy of literacy and numeracy tests and attacked the States for not being accountable. MORE
  • Jan 31, 2007: Year 12 Curriculum Content and Achievement Standards – The Australian Government commissioned the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to analyse and report on the content, curriculum and standards in Year 12 English (including Literature), Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and Australian History. Three questions were addressed: what is currently taught in these five subjects across Australia; what is the ‘essential’ content that all students should be acquiring through these subjects, regardless of the state or territory in which they live; what standard of performance is expected of students in these subjects. The report proposes the development of a curriculum ‘core’ for each subject and a national set of achievement standards. DOWNLOAD the Report (PDF)

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