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Clinton Impeachment – Chronology 1995

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July 1995
In early July, Monica Lewinsky began work as an intern in the White House. She was attached to White House Chief of Staff’s office.

November 13, 1995
Lewinsky accepts a paying job dealing with correspondence at the White House office of legislative affairs.

November 15, 1995
During the government shutdown, Clinton visits the chief of staff’s office for a birthday party. Lewinsky lifts her jacket and shows him the straps of her thong underwear. Then he invites Lewinsky to his private study, where they kiss. Later that evening, they have a more intimate sexual encounter during which he takes a call from a member of Congress.

November 17, 1995
Lewinsky and the president have another sexual liaison during which he spoke to Rep. Sonny Callahan (R-Ala.) on the phone.

November 20, 1995
Lewinsky gave Clinton a tie, the first of 30 or so gifts from her. The president gave her about 18 small gifts during their relationship.

November 26, 1995
Lewinsky started her paying job at the White House.

December 31, 1995
On New Year’s Eve, Lewinsky spoke to the president in his private dining room. She reminded him of her name because she had the impression he had forgotten it in the intervening six weeks. They then have their third sexual encounter.

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