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Election Funding & Disclosure

What price democracy?

Elections cost money to run. In addition, the taxpayer funds political parties and election candidates. On top of that, donations to political parties run into many millions of dollars.

The democratic, ethical and financial issues involved in the electoral process are important to any assessment of the state of democracy.

Election Funding & Disclosure

Since 1984, Australia has used a system of public funding of federal elections. Political parties and candidates are reimbursed for their election expenses in proportion to the percentage of the vote they secure, provided they poll at least 4%.

Public funding is accompanied by financial disclosure rules.

Federal Election Funding Payments

Click on the election year links for detailed figures on payments to parties and independents.

Federal Election Funding Payments
2016 Federal Election
2013 Federal Election
2010 Federal Election
2007 Federal Election
2004 Federal Election
2001 Federal Election
1998 Federal Election
1996 Federal Election


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